[This is just a re-posting of the initial launch news for Ork Games]

The new Ork Games is now online!

I'm VERY happy that I am able to launch the brand new Ork Games! It has taken me countless hours to complete it! For all my effort, I was able to incorporate some awesome new features and all new interface!

Some new features:
- AJAX Loading - no need to reload the entire page where unnecessary
- Side-bar menu - click and check it out for yourself
- Built-in Mail System
- Enhanced profile pages showing submissions, favs, friends, etc.
- Add games as your favs and add others as friends!
- On-the-spot form validation
... and plenty more! Check it all out for yourself!

I hope you enjoy the NEW Ork Games experience! For the optimum experience, I recommend using the latest Mozilla Firefox web browser. This site is fully functional in all common web browsers, however some are just faster & better than others!

Note: I have decided to remove all previous content (except games and registered users). This is because the transition to the new system was highly complicated. I also removed over 200+ games that were no longer functioning.

Link: Ork Games - Free Online Flash Games

OrkGames.com - All New Website Launched!

Check out this~

2008-09-03 23:10:11 by NeoMarine

Check out the great games over at...

Ork Games



2008-05-12 03:34:23 by NeoMarine

Hello everyone,

I just want to share with a new flash games website:

Ork Games - Online Games for the Whole Family

If you have a game you want to share, why not upload it there? I've uploaded my games there so far so go check them out... especially Joe's Virtual Myspace (room escape game) - since newgrounds randomly like, 1 year later, decided to blame my game for no good reason -.-'

Ok that's all guys! Enjoy!


New Flash Project

2007-07-27 03:57:18 by NeoMarine

I'm working on a new flash project. I was working on another but no progress has been made on it - I will hopefully return to it in future. For now though i'm building something else whenever I get a chance between my other interests + work.

The new flash project is currently titled "Endless Tower" - but that's subject to change. It will be a new escape game - possibly a series ;). Between this and getting things together, it may take some time. I'm trying to roll it out ASAP without ruining the gameplay.

For those interested leave a comment... I like to hear from fans of any of my works - as anyone would, of course.

Hello World!

2007-07-17 19:29:03 by NeoMarine

Well done Tom + NG Staff - pleasant looking design and I love the "no pop-ups ever"!

Have you escaped my virtual myspace yet? My virtual myspace? That's right... click here, see for yourself how you are trapped, stuck... doomed!!!

Feel like getting your groove on? Think you can do better than those other try hards out on the dance floor? Well then click here and sign up for the Dance Floor Tour!


Hello World!