New Flash Project

2007-07-27 03:57:18 by NeoMarine

I'm working on a new flash project. I was working on another but no progress has been made on it - I will hopefully return to it in future. For now though i'm building something else whenever I get a chance between my other interests + work.

The new flash project is currently titled "Endless Tower" - but that's subject to change. It will be a new escape game - possibly a series ;). Between this and getting things together, it may take some time. I'm trying to roll it out ASAP without ruining the gameplay.

For those interested leave a comment... I like to hear from fans of any of my works - as anyone would, of course.


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2007-11-17 15:32:29

Hey, Joe! Just wanted you to know that my gf and I are seasoned escape gamers, having played virtually all of them on the net...but your "Joe's Virtual My Space 1.1" is the best we have played for a myriad of reasons: top-flight graphics, interesting concept, and most important, laid out with logic of a very linear fashion, allowing the player to actually get through an extremely challenging festival of sheer fun! I so doff my 'dreds' to you!...Filkman and Aashika

NeoMarine responds:

Thanks Filkman and Aashika!

I can't wait till my projects list widdles down enough so that I can proceed with Endless Tower. I think you'll enjoy it, if you enjoyed Joe's Virtual Myspace :P