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OrkGames.com - All New Website Launched!

2009-06-29 05:53:59 by NeoMarine

[This is just a re-posting of the initial launch news for Ork Games]

The new Ork Games is now online!

I'm VERY happy that I am able to launch the brand new Ork Games! It has taken me countless hours to complete it! For all my effort, I was able to incorporate some awesome new features and all new interface!

Some new features:
- AJAX Loading - no need to reload the entire page where unnecessary
- Side-bar menu - click and check it out for yourself
- Built-in Mail System
- Enhanced profile pages showing submissions, favs, friends, etc.
- Add games as your favs and add others as friends!
- On-the-spot form validation
... and plenty more! Check it all out for yourself!

I hope you enjoy the NEW Ork Games experience! For the optimum experience, I recommend using the latest Mozilla Firefox web browser. This site is fully functional in all common web browsers, however some are just faster & better than others!

Note: I have decided to remove all previous content (except games and registered users). This is because the transition to the new system was highly complicated. I also removed over 200+ games that were no longer functioning.

Link: Ork Games - Free Online Flash Games

OrkGames.com - All New Website Launched!


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